About Powerthon

The programme involves numerous activities to be undertaken by various stakeholders. Starting from seeking problem statements from interested Discoms, classifying these problem statements under 10 key identified problem areas, onboarding TSPs to solve these problem statements and finally shortlisting TSPs for undertaking POC 's and Pilot at various Discoms.

The MoP, REC, SINE, Discoms and the TSPs being the key stakeholders in this programme have predefined roles and responsibilities. The programme is being governed by a framework which has been approved by MoP. The shortlisted TSPs successfully completing POCs will be eligible for grants post POCs and Pilot execution.


Need to leverage advanced technologies in the power sector, driven by system complexities and lower efficiencies of Discoms.
The “Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS)” rolled out by the Ministry of Power (MoP) for improving the distribution sector, also emphasizes the use of advanced technology in the power sector. This will be a key driver in improving the quality, reliability and affordability of power supply to consumers through a financially sustainable and operationally efficient distribution sector.

  • Perineal DisCom challenges
  • Higher Discom losses
  • Inadequate efficiencies
  • Humongous Data
  • Lower efficiency
  • Decision making

Need for Powerthon


  • Conceptualizing a competition
  • A platform for TSPs
  • Enable selection of best technology-based solutions
  • This will bring together qualified mentors with TSPs, innovators, discoms and other participants from across the nation to develop solutions which contribute to creating a much more vibrant and efficient electricity network.

What will it bring out?

  • Unique solutions to Discom challenges
  • Enable data driven decision making
  • Act as a building block to address Discom challenges at large
  • scale-up avenues for TSps

Event Log

Implementation framework

A six-step implementation framework for the selection of TSPs and implementation and scaleup of their solutions. The framework was devised for leveraging advanced technologies to address key challenges faced by DISCOMs and enable continuous innovation in the power sector. Comprehensive stakeholder interaction on problem statement deliberation followed by a detailed TSP selection process based on the best ft solution for Discoms.